SQ BYA FRLS Cable, (Black, 1X1.3 rm, 3W)/Coil

TK 1,457.00

Supplier Name: SQ Wire & Cable Co. Ltd.

Type: Low Tension Cables

Origin: Bangladesh

Brand: SQ Cables

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Price Range: N/A

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Cable
  • Brand: SQ
  • Measurement: 1X1.3 rm (3W)
  • Color: Black

NAME Didar Hossain Sohel
COMPANY NAME SQ Wire & Cable Co. Ltd.
MOBILE NO. 01777733888
COUNTRY Bangladesh
EMAIL ADDRESS sohel_hossain@sq-bd.com

Terms & Conditions (Retail) N/A
Terms & Conditions (Bangladesh) N/A

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